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Karibu Welcome to Africa Experience 


We have been providing workshops for schools and other organisations in the UK since 2003. Our passion is to encourage and nurture the creative spirit in each one of us.

We have shared this passion we have of Africa to so many schools

We’ve always cherished the three pillars which our company has always stood upon Celebrate Africa, Explore, Exchange.


We are proud to share with you  all the ethos of Obuntu which honours and value the other 

to create healthy relationships and communities



We look at the dignity of

who you are Self Love

Self Care. Resilience



Once we know who we are,

We are able to see the dignity

and the richness of the other.


We are One

With Obuntu we recognize that 'I am because of who we all are'.A person has obuntu when he thinks and anticipates the others needs. 

Meet Us

We value our team members, their intellect and many skills and talents. We are proud to offer fun engaging workshops and

 we are happy to introduce our team to you.

African Instruments

Kora, Djembe to Bilimbao!

With  masters Oury & Manjerico

Story Telling

With Anna 

African Dance

With Abram

Satisfied Client Stories

Great workshops, the instructors engaged well with our 16-18yr olds and were able to adapt workshops to young people needs. We have had nothing but great feedback from our students they really enjoyed it and look forward to future workshops from Africa Experience


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